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fake passport is a counterfeit of a passport (or other travel document) issued by a nation or authorised agency. Such counterfeits are copies of genuine passports, or illicitly modified genuine passports made by unauthorized persons, sometimes called cobblers.[1] Its purpose is to be used deceptively as if it were a legitimate travel or identity document. A passport obtained from an authorized issuer by providing false information may also be considered fake.

Such falsified passports can be used to leave a country from which exit is barred, for identity theftage fabricationillegal immigration, and organized crime.

Other comparable documents include camouflage passports, which are not copies of a valid form of document, but are designed to look like a passport issued by a body that cannot issue legitimate passports, such as “Republic of Mainau”, or a “Baltic Trade Mission” diplomatic document. Fantasy passports, such as the World Passport, are passport-like documents issued by non-official organizations or micronations as a novelty or souvenir, to make a political statement, or to show loyalty to a political or other cause.

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Adolf Eichmann (high-ranking Nazi often referred to as “the architect of the Holocaust“) after the end of World War II traveled to Argentina using a fraudulently obtained laissez-passer issued by the International Red Cross and lived there under a false identity.

Alexander Solonik (Russian hitman in the early 1990s) lived in Greece with a fake passport, which he had obtained from the Greek consulate in Moscow.[citation needed]

In October 2000, Alexander Litvinenko (Russian dissident and writer) fled to Turkey from Ukraine on a forged passport using the alias Chris Reid, as his actual passport was impounded by Russian authorities after criminal charges were filed against him.[citation needed]

In May 2001, Kim Jong-nam, the son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, was arrested at Narita International Airport, in TokyoJapan, travelling on a fake Dominican Republic passport. He was detained by immigration officials and later deported to the People’s Republic of China. The incident caused Kim Jong-il to cancel a planned visit to China due to the embarrassment caused by the incident.[2]

In June 2005, American actor Wesley Snipes was detained in South Africa at Johannesburg International Airport for allegedly trying to pass through the airport with a fake South African passport. Snipes was allowed to return home because he had a valid U.S. passport.


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'For these groups, passports are as important as weapons.' -- Judge Jean Louis Bruguiere, expert on terrorism who  investigated Ressam's   terrorist cellOver and over again, investigators examining the Al Qaeda terrorist network point to a common thread — the ease with which many in the network travel the world using fake passports or illegally obtained immigration documents. Ahmed Ressam, the focus of this FRONTLINE report, was somewhat of an expert in fake passports. He used a counterfeit French passport to enter Canada and apply for political asylum. While living there, he supplied fake Canadian passports to other Algerians. And he used a fake Canadian passport under the alias of Benni Noris in his failed attempt to enter the United States and bomb Los Angeles International Airport.Ressam recently testified that he was trained in these and other “security” techniques at one of Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. He also testified that an Al Qaeda representative had recruited him to supply the group with false Canadian passports.The picture of Al Qaeda that is emerging through Ressam’s case and ongoing investigations is of a sophisticated terrorist network, able to send “sleeper” agents like Ressam anywhere in the world. Al Qaeda depends on the ability to travel internationally in order to raise funds, recruit operatives, train the operatives in Afghanistan and send them out to plan and conduct terrorist attacks. Key to their international mobility is being able to circumvent immigration laws and law enforcement “watch lists.”HOW THEY DO IT
Real fake Passport
nvestigators believe that there may be specialized Al Qaeda terrorist cells in the U.S., Canada, and Europe whose only job is to supply Al Qaeda with passports and other documents that can be used by its operatives. There are various ways they obtain and use passports:+  The terrorist can physically alter a valid passport — stolen or purchased from real fake passport an accomplice — by changing the picture or biographical data real fake passport. “The terrorists are smart about which passports they use,” says David Simcox, director of migration demographics and chairman of the board of the Center for Immigration Studies. “At least real fake passport two of the Sept. 11 attackers used stolen Saudi Arabian passports. Saudi Arabia is a friend of the United States and so using their passport makes it easier to get in at the border.”+  In some real fake passport countries, terrorists may be able to purchase an official passport in their own name, or an alias, by bribing a corrupt official or obtaining one in the black market. Stolen passports are readily available for sale in most countries. The most popular ones on the international real fake passport black market are those from countries that enjoy visa-free relationships with the United States, real fake passport such as Japan or Sweden.+  The terrorist can make a counterfeit passport, hoping that the border agent wouldn’t be able to identify the forgery. “The INS has a forensic document laboratory to train agents to detect these false passports,” Simcox says. “But there are so many countries, that it is difficult to track. And some will get through because the quality is getting so good. The technology of counterfeiting is constantly improving.” Moreover, according to Simcox, internet sales of fraudulent documents has blossomed in recent years, despite efforts by law enforcement to stop the practice.There’s another angle on the trafficking in fake passports. Congressional hearings on Oct. 17, 2001 revealed relationships between the terrorists and organized criminal syndicates who smuggle humans across borders. It is a huge international business, with brokers in China, India, Africa, and Central and South America and other poor countries demanding up to $50,000 per person in Real fake Passport
order to smuggle people into the U.S., Canada, and Europe. To avoid detection, the smugglers are constantly changing their real fake passport routes and methods. Some also rely on huge numbers of fake passports, routing people through as many as two other countries to hide the country of origin. “The terrorists have made common cause with ‘people smugglers’ who are very good at supplying false documentation,” says Simcox. “It gives the terrorists a ready source of altered counterfeit passports and, if needed, the smugglers may assist them in being smuggled into the United States.”+ Note: For more on the human smuggling business and its links to the real fake passport terrorists, see “The Terrorists and Crime Bosses Behind the Fake Passport Trade,” from Jane’s Intelligence ReviewAnother aspect of passport fraud is falsifying documents, such as birth certificates, which are needed to acquire a passport. This practice, used by Ahmed Ressam, allows terrorists to get legitimate passports, using an alias real fake passport , which will be basically foolproof at border crossings. “The American and Canadian passport system has a major problem because its ‘breeder’ document — the birth certificate — is such a weak document for certifying Real fake Passport
identity,” says Simcox. “Despite U.S. State Department procedures for verifying birth certificates, every state is different. And the process is not computerized or centralized in any way.”The birth certificate is a “weak” document because it is relatively easy to forge and has no photo or fingerprint requirement. In the U.S. and real fake passport Canada, birth real fake passport certificates can be provided by a number of sources, such as state authorities, churches, and hospitals. Each state has different rules about supplying birth certificates, and acquiring copies of them. Once you have a valid birth certificate, it is relatively easy to get a driver’s license, passport, and other fake identification.VisasAs was clearly evident in the Sept. 11 attacks, many terrorists simply enter the U.S. using their own passports and real fake passport a student or business visa. INS officials say there are so many visas given out around the world that it is impossible to check the backgrounds of every person. Two of the Sept. 11 suicide hijackers entered the U.S. by applying to take classes at a university or technical school, acquiring a student visa, and then never showing up for class. Three of the terrorists entered on business or tourism visas and simply overstayed their visa. (The INS says the number of foreigners in the U.S. who have overstayed their visas currently stands at more than 2 million.) Finally, two of the Sept. 11 hijackers who had been put on an FBI “watch list” while they were in the U.S. on visas were not located.The INS has little or no capacity to track visa holders once real fake passport they are in the United States. The issue of entry-exit tracking of visa holders is now being given new priority. INS officials argue that at present, it is impossible to track all foreigners in the U.S., and the agency doesn’t have the manpower to physically put people on planes.THE AHMED RESSAM CASE AND PASSPORT FRAUDWhen Ahmed Ressam real fake passport was caught at the Canadian-U.S. border, he was using a false Canadian passport with the alias Benni Noris. He was carrying fake identification with another alias. And investigators soon discovered he had entered Canada using yet another fake passport, from France. He had also manipulated Canada’s asylum system by applying for real fake passport political asylum at the border, knowing that the Canadian authorities would refer his case to another agency and let him stay in Canada while he waited for his asylum hearing.Here are short excerpts from his trial testimony specifically dealing with Ressam’s use of fake passports and how his terrorist network relied on them:Q. What type of travel document did you use to get into Canada?
A. A fake French passport.
Q. What city did you go to?
A. To the city of Montreal.
Q. What happened when you arrived to Montreal? real fake passport
A. Immigration stopped me.
Q. At the airport?
A. Yes. Immigration stopped me at the airport. At that time, I requested asylum.
Q. And how did you request — how did you request asylum?
A. I provided them with a false story about — to request political asylum. They kept me at their center there and then they let me go.
Q. When they let you go, what city did you live in? real fake passport
A. I lived in the city of Montreal.
Q. How long did you live in Montreal? real fake passport
A. From 1994 to 1998.—————————Q. How did you support yourself during that four-year period?
A. I lived on welfare and theft.
Q. What do you mean by “theft”? real fake passport
A. I used to steal tourists, rob tourists. I used to go to hotels and find their suitcases and steal them when they’re not paying attention.
Q. And what would you do with the contents of those suitcases? real fake passport
A. I used to take the money, keep the money, and if there are passports, I would sell them, and if there are Visa credit cards, I would use them up, and if there were any traveler’s checks, I would use them or sell them.Ressam describes how a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden’s asked Ressam to provide the group with Canadian passports:Q. What country did you see Abu Zubeida in?
A. In Pakistan.
Q. He was leader of the camps? real fake passport
A. Yes.
Q. Did you discuss anything when you met with Abu Zubeida on your return back to Canada?
A. Yes. He asked me to send him some passports, some original passports if I had that he can use to give other, give to other people who had come to carry out operations in U.S.
Q. What type of passports was he looking for? real fake passport
A. Canadian passports, but original.
Q. Did he tell you the names of the people he wanted those passports for?
A. He gave me some of the names. real fake passport

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